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PR Building

We offer bespoke PR campaign development from creative idea to execution, covering domestic, British media above and below the line.


Crisis Management

We pride ourselves in creating compelling  direction lead initiatives to manage potential crisis situations.


Media Relations

We pride ourselves in the personal approach.  Knowing our contacts is key to building long lasting reputations for our agency and client in turn.  Relationships are important, more so than online relationships when building knowledge and expertise.

About Us

Knowledge & Experience


We have more than twenty years' experience within the arts and entertainment sectors, building brands and maintaining heritage talent's media profiles.  Built upon a strong understanding and knowledge of our sector.  We are still passionate about what we do for our clients.

Building Great Reputations


Public Relations is very important in reaching key audiences.  Artist performing music or writing books, you can't take them for granted and audiences will know if they are being cynically abused.  Reputations take time to build and can be lost, very quickly.

Earned, Not Purchased


Advertising has its place but when artists feature in traditional media, they are getting valuable 'third party endorsement' for their brand that costs far more than a shouty advertising campaign.  Audiences value this respect and recognition for their favourite artists.

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