Truth To Power

Writer John Matlin discusses the book's provenance and its characters.

The exciting debut novel by British author ...

Dr John Matlin


John Matlin is a former City of London solicitor who changed his career in his 50s. He attended Brunel University and Birmingham University where he earned a Ph.D. in American political history. He taught at Birmingham for a while and he now gives talks and lectures to numerous groups in North West London. 

As an author, John's debut book Truth to Power contains an amalgam of the characters and incidents which emerged in John’s research for the doctoral thesis. His interest in American politics was aroused in 1960 with the Kennedy campaign. He has remained enthused by America’s political scene and publishes a weekly blog on the American political scene.

John was a founding member of Teenage Cancer Trust, where he was a trustee for more than thirty years. He is married to Linda and they have two married daughters. He is an enthusiastic Tottenham Hotspurs fan, thus enured to disappointment. 


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Release date: 2nd September 2019